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Rebekah1213 [userpic]
Anne Rice fans
by Rebekah1213 (rebekah1213)
at March 11th, 2009 (05:49 pm)

Check a new Anne Rice Character forum . . . thesavagegarden.11.forumer.com

Register and have fun posting with the vampires.

by tiffanie (writing_red)
at October 3rd, 2006 (12:35 pm)

The way I feel right now: content

I ABSOOOLUTELYYY LOOOVEEEE VAMPIRES, I'm obsessed. ;x I'm new in this community and my name's Tiffanie :)

Later loves.

SineQuaNon [userpic]
by SineQuaNon (tink369)
at August 25th, 2005 (05:38 pm)

The way I feel right now: okay


I just joined,I'm a very big fan of vampires and vampires literature. I've always been interested in this, since I was like 8 years old or something. I'm Tink. Well, I just wanted to introduce myself!

Treehugging Dirt Worshipper [userpic]
by Treehugging Dirt Worshipper (firerainchild)
at August 23rd, 2005 (11:33 pm)

The way I feel right now: horny
shut up and listen: Tori Amos - Mr. Zebra (Live)

I REALLY want to be bitten by a Vampire right now... that is all. Good night.

by Bite Me (inc_ness)
at April 8th, 2005 (07:59 pm)

Just thought I should introduce myself...I am Laurin-Anne *bows*

by ke_chan (AKA Mrs. Paper) (keshi_chan)
at April 8th, 2005 (11:15 am)

... ... ... ... ... ... ... Hi ^^

Diana [userpic]
by Diana (diana_molloy)
at April 4th, 2005 (02:27 pm)

I thought this would be of interest to some of you. It's an Anne Rice Forum which a friend of mine has reopened (it was under the name of True Fans of Anne Rice last year but due to money probs she had to shut it down). So if you want a place to discuss Anne and her work check it out.

by LadySlippy666 (xxxslippyxxx)
at March 4th, 2005 (03:55 pm)

vampires love tasting me.to them i taste good.

Danny [userpic]
New Member
by Danny (asilverprophet)
at January 24th, 2005 (09:47 pm)

The way I feel right now: crazy
shut up and listen: Tricky - "Excess"

As soon as I saw a community with "The Admirals Arms"...I couldnt resist. Well, I'm a big fan and contributer to the Vampirism community...so I'm more than happy to talk to other about anything vampire/vampire science related.

Kelli [userpic]
by Kelli (clameka_2006)
at December 20th, 2004 (08:47 am)

The way I feel right now: blah

i hope you all dont mind if i post a story of my own....if so its kinda long because i have worked on it for over 2 yrs. write back if i can

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